Grab my 27 ways to be radiant, happy and whole!


This festivity is the one I created for you when you are ready to make some real changes in your life and for you mums, your children too. This is where the real magic happens. Your solution for the parts of your life you desire to change or finding real answers to uncovering the best, most beautiful authentic you are met here.

In this six months of time with me, you will come more alive, more free and more beautiful than you ever thought you could.


Are you tired/ bored with your daily routine?

Do you need help making decisions based on what healthy, clean eating means for you as an individual? (because all of those diet books were not written specifically for any ONE person) What about your children?

Do you struggle with exercise? Motivation?

Would you like to sleep better and wake up feeling ready to take on what is in front of you?

Do you or have you battled with addictions? Food or any other ones?

What about meditation/quiet time? Time for yourself?

How about letting go of shame and resentment? That would be nice, huh?

What about crowding out the stuff that is holding you back from being your true, authentic self?

Do you want your home and life natural and organic? Free of chemicals and clutter?

How about making this the year you really do something about it?

That is what this is all about. Finding solutions. Discovering beauty and making you the happiest, most free and whole you have ever been.

The How:

We will have 12 sessions (2 bi-monthly) by phone or Skype audio and if we get to meet in person, well that is even more magical!

Unlimited email support in between sessions

Meal planners, goal sheets and task sheets to help you organize and prioritize your amazing life

Recipes that will assist you in falling in love with the food on your plate and get you glowing inside and out. Tailored just for you and your individuality. From breakfast to dinner and all the good stuff in between.

Content to help restore your body, mind and spirit, give you freedom from negativity, attain your ideal weight goals and help uncover and discover (or rediscover) your authentic self. In form of pdf’s, mini e-books and videos and articles.

Amazing smoothie and juice recipes tailored just for you

Also: juices, tonics, skin care and essential oil DIY’s

Content and resources to sustain a clean, natural and clutter free home and life

And I didn’t forget presents here either. From sweet messages, candles, books, music, essential oils and homemade ( I am a creatress, remember?) treasures…. You get a full on dose of fairy dust and walk away with a life that surprises you.

Content and resources to uncover your authentic self, fall in love with yourself (your life) and keep you glowing and growing in between sessions. (in form of articles, pdf’s, videos or mini e-books)


So let’s do this. If you have already taken part in “Avidity”, that money will applied to your “Zeal Festival”. If you are a student or young adult, please head over to get “Jazzed”.



And do not go away without the Balance and Glow Manifesto. And you will magically receive love letters in your inbox here and there.

From me. With love.


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