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Hey you young ladies (and by that, I mean in real time age years because uh, I feel real young). This is for those of you who truly are from the

pre-teen and teenage years through the college years because let’s admit it now…

You need a whole different kind of fairy dust.

I have no idea whether or not you have already gone down roads you wished you hadn’t or done a ton (or even SOME) things you wished you hadn’t done. Or the other way around…. But I do know that you most likely will. I am here to help you before, during and after you are start to realize your truth.

You are young but you take your life seriously. Even if you haven’t been taking it so seriously – and by that I mean treating yourself and your life with the love and respect deserved- … you know you want/need to or you wouldn’t be here at all. I can help guide you to be strong, fierce and healthy. With a dose of humility. And we can spend six months creating healthy habits so you can do whatever it is your heart desires. What does your “ideal” life look like? Don’t worry if you don’t have an answer, it might be best because most likely, it will change. But you will be strong. Alive. Free. Healthy.

Not to mention we could start avoiding the sleepless/restless nights and anxiety. We can find some really smart and delicious food choices for you but even better…. We will spend time discussing and trying the most beautifying foods. Give a meaning to “glowing from the inside out”. Whatever that ideal life looks like, you want to look and feel good while you are living it don’t you?

I struggled with (and still do) with relationships of all kinds “growing up”. I know it can be a bitch. From parents, instructors, boys, girls, learning that people can be kind of horrible sometimes. All of that. But also, we can find the beauty in the people around you too and help determine the best way to surround yourself with people who best suit the life you want and deserve.

The How:

12 bi-weekly 60 minute calls by phone or Skype audio (If I can meet with you in person, well, that would be even more magical)

Unlimited email support in between sessions

Meal planners, goal sheets and daily task sheets to help you organize your amazing, beautiful life

Recipes tailored to help you fall in love with the food on your plate,  live a healthy, beautiful life, lose weight, feel great and save the planet. From breakfast to dinner and all the good stuff in between

Recipes for: Juices, smoothies, tonics, skincare, essential oils, and DIY’s

Content to help restore (or maybe give you for the very first time) balance for your body, mind and spirit,  help you live a life free from negativity, attain your weight goals and become lighter, happier, wild and free. (in form of articles, pdf’s, videos or mini e-books)

Content and resources to uncover your authentic self, fall in love with yourself and keep you glowing and growing in between sessions (in form of articles, pdf’s, videos or mini e-books)

Presents. (yes, I said presents.) I am a “creatress” and love to share. Think music, books, essential oils, candles, love letters and more.


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If you are still unsure whether or not getting “Jazzed” is for you, book 30 minutes with me and we will find out. If you are a student, you will receive a 15% discount. If you were involved in “Avidity”, that money will be applied to your “Jazzed” festival. I can’t wait to meet you.

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