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When you get on board for the festival of Avidity, you are going to get a good, solid dose of discussion around one or two topics you believe would be of best benefit to you.

Whether it is about your career, your spiritual life, food, physical activity, love, problems you may be facing… really, whatever you want to spend two hours of your time with me about. I am here to do that and it what is involved in that will vary from one person to another because all of us are unique. And you are special.

The way I studied nutrition and health and the way I coach/share it is based on our primary foods being spirituality, physical activity, career and relationships and the actual food we eat supports those four huge aspects of our lives. Basically encompassing everything. We can do this via phone, Skype or in person where possible.


Are you struggling with solutions surrounding your diet?

Are you confused with all of the diet information out there and need some down to earth, no nonsense talk around all the conflicting information?

Are you interested in making a change in your life but facing fear about taking the leap?

Relationship issues.

Becoming a health coach.

Questions about good, clean choices for you and your children.

Maybe you could use some suggestions or need a push regarding your physical activity?

Want to get your home and other spaces all cleaned up with only natural, organic products? (I will make them for you OR tell you how)

Are you interested in finding out more about the amazing benefits of essential oils?

What about your skincare? Are you taking the absolute best care of your skin you can?


This is a couple of hours with a true friend. Someone who will tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear, though I am sure you will get a big dose of that too. Or maybe not. Either way, you will walk away from this festival with real answers. Your questions.

I will give you resources, ideas, recipes and referrals.   A checklist of ways to move toward your goal and the valiant gift of a lighter yet more much more whole you. (And presents too…. you deserve a present just for being here.)

Most of all know we have something we need help with and not all of us are strong enough to admit it.

You are.

I have been on the fence before and it’s one of my least favorite places to be. There is a path for you and a simpler way to get from where you are right now to where to want to be with whatever it is you desire. And I am here to help hand that to you.

This festival of Avidity would also be great for previous clients who want to gain more insight or information on something new we didn’t cover or those of you who are thinking of getting involved in more festivities. If you become a part of “Avidity” and decide to become a client, the cost is transferred and will be put towards us working together more long term.

$225 USD

If you are still thinking about it, click here and we can set up a time to find out what is perfect for you.

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