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“My health is my life, my temple of experience. By putting my health first, I am putting the quality of my experience first. Nourishing myself each day and listening to my body, I make the best choices I can make for my food, my sleep, my movements, my relationships, my spirit.
I am slowly discovering what works best for me, what I need in order to experience better health and well-being, gradually healing from ailments or illness where possible, releasing poor habits and self neglect, knowing I am on a healing journey that leads me deeper into the connections between body, mind and spirit.
I am grateful for each new day to continue healing myself, grateful for the positive health of friends and family, knowing that health and wellness is the greatest of the blessings, the greatest of riches.” ~ Marie Olofsdotter

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Yeah, keep reading my sweets.

You have probably read a lot of books on diet and health and made yourself many promises and resolutions.

Even bought that juicer (it’s so pretty up on that shelf, collecting dust and all eh?).

Let me show you that this whole, balanced, radiant and healthy thing doesn’t have to be so hard.

Let me help you become a much more whole, happier you.

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