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Tis The Season to Be Unchaotic and Present

Tis The Season to Be Unchaotic and Present

I have been thinking a lot about the pressures of the holidays, as I am sure many of you have and are experiencing a little pressure already and it’s just the beginning of December. We have a whole month of it, followed by The New Year when we are expected to make resolutions to better ourselves, make the next year better. But how are we supposed to get in a space where we can make solid, real and more importantly realistic resolutions in the middle of the chaos of the holidays?

My belief?

We spend our holidays away from the chaos.

And try to revel in it instead of revolt.

Being around family for extended periods of time can be great and I love my family but things got pretty intense a couple of years ago when the cable and internet went out and we were iced inside for four days. It was really five I think but what I most remember about that holiday wasn’t being iced in or being without connection to the outside world. It was the time we spent inside together because we didn’t have the internet or television. My brother and I are not exactly what you would consider to be “handy” people. I don’t think he can change a tire and I know I would have to be very desperate before I even started looking for the manual. But that year we spent several hours outdoors in my mother’s front yard cutting limbs off her tree that had frozen and broken then fell into our driveway so we could get one of the cars out in order to go and pick up his dog.

We were present and in the moment.

We laughed a lot and we finally got that last damn limb down. We barely made it (we did slide a little here and there) to his house to rescue the dog and then made the ride back, got stuck, met some nice people that helped us and got home safely. Again, with a lot of laughter.

There is this interim between now and Christmas and so many of us will have a million things to do and presents to buy, gifts to make, cards to get out (mine are already late and will be late, assured), travel plans and all that goes with that. But we have to stop and take some time to just be in the moment, even if it is chaotic. I will get stuck at the punishment light again. Probably tonight. Shit happens. But go ahead and be in it. And if it’s something you don’t feel good being a part of then take a good look at that. Some of the chaos and the drama are toxic for us. Be careful of those situations and take care of yourself because by doing that you are giving yourself and your loved ones a great gift. Your true self.

This is a good time for me to stay physically active. Go to all of my barre and yoga classes. Enjoy my new tap n’ pow{h}er class. Breathe. I also use essential oils for so many things and during this time of year, they are so helpful. I use Serenity and Lavender in the evenings when I am winding down from the day. Right now I diffuse lavender and peppermint in the car because I seem to lose patience quickly this time of year. Is it just me? PastTense goes on the back of my neck during the day when I am writing for hours and Elevation is in the mister every morning. I get to mix it up right now with Holiday Joy and I love it. They make me feel better. More conscious. More present.

=Do the best you can to stay away from the noise that tells you that you are not doing everything right or people who make you feel tense. Take this month when everything is decorated with lights and cheesy Santa Claus heads and breathe it all in. Then go spend time with whomever your holiday family is this year and give them the best, most authentic version of you.

The resolutions?

I make them periodically throughout the year. I don’t give up anything for lent either. I make resolutions when I know I need to make a change. But for those of you who do make resolutions? I have some excellent ideas, tips, tricks and so much more to help you get anything you want from your life this year. We will get to that later in the month. For now, be alive, healthy and beautiful. And don’t give in to road rage or let out those long sighs in the check out lines. Even more so don’t hold your breath and turn red! Breathe it out. You know the saying “hug it out”? Yeah well, do that too but breathe it out first.  People (including yourself) will love you for it.

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