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My Journey

I’m Melissa, or Mel as I choose to be called.

 I am a mother of a beautiful teenage daughter, a health and lifestyle coach with additional credentials in physical training.  I received my health coaching certification from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. You and I most likely already have a lot in common. Or a thread that weaves us together in some way. I am almost sure of it. I studied over one hundred dietary theories at Integrative Nutrition and learned that one diet definitely does not suit all. Your “diet”  feeds your lifestyle…it’s impossible for us to all have the same needs. I work with spirited women and young girls to create a radiant, balanced lifestyle with new integrative methods combined with ancient practices and heaps of love and support. I absolutely love helping people just like you, helping you become a healthier, happier person and realizing your true potential. 

I have lived a very busy and colorful life. I am in the heart of the good stuff right now. 

I was a wild child from a very young age, caused a little trouble (some would say a lot) in my teen years and at the age of nineteen I went to work for a successful broker, the first real “boss” I ever had. I was responsible… enough. I did my job and I loved it but I also lived on the edge, it was an edgy business so it was perfect for me. I maintained a semi healthy lifestyle; I still went running,  went to the gym several times a week and took my dog for walks down by the river. Sounds okay, huh? It was. Looking back, it was better than okay.

In 1997 my daughter was born and my life changed forever. I loved being a mother. I still love being a mother above all else. But I struggled with “life” – we can get more into the details later but my life became insanely out of hand. Let’s say that. Divorce happened. A mother’s worst nightmare happened, my child got sick and required many surgeries.  I became a lot of things I never thought I would become.  I took drinking and other unhealthy habits to extremes. I was an absolute wreck on the inside. And this went on for years. Several. With all of the poor decisions and crappy self-care, came a lot of regret, resentment, fear, anger, depression, and anxiety. Heaps of insanity. I was fighting a losing battle because I had no tools, no clue how to make healthy, substantial changes in my life.

I have had several professions or “jobs” rather,  including slinging beers, event/party planning, everything in restaurants from hosting to managing, retail, farming (Yes! I worked on a farm, it was only last summer and I loved it), signing in people at a late night club (where I had to go in to work at midnight and usually got off around seven in the morning) with all of the drunk people that didn’t want to go home when the regular bars closed. It’s okay if you are one of them. Or were. Maybe you are one that could actually write your name on the dotted line. Most struggled. And my drinking career. By far the longest “career” I ever had. But I knew for a long time (in the deepest part of my heart and soul) that I had a larger purpose, a different path I had to find. I went on every rocky side road and crashed into plenty of ditches looking for that path until I stopped trying so hard to make everything and everyone cater to me and started looking at what I could do for other people – so I took action. I moved to Portland, Oregon. My soul began to catch fire. I started living instead of merely surviving.


That is how I finally came to the decision to be a health and lifestyle coach. A game changer.

But more importantly, to be a happier, healthier version of me. And this is what I am here to help you do. Get off the wrong road or out of the ditch, ease you from guilt or shame into acceptance and love. Find out what clean, healthy eating means for you. Turn your life into a beautiful story as you would have it. Not as others expect it.



Someone told me,

But life doesn’t have to be as difficult as some might make it out to be. Looking at my life now I am a strong, fierce mother, a good sister and daughter. I treat my friends with love and respect. I am good and honest to and with the people I love. And to the people I don’t, because kindness, people.

I believe we should fall in love with as many things and people as possible, including our own lives. I take yoga, barre and tap n’ pow{h}er every week. I drink and eat to feed the life I am determined to have for myself and my daughter. I don’t poison my body anymore, I worship it.

And that is what I want for you. I want you to love your life. Be alive, healthy and wildly free.

Some fun facts about me. I have a four and half pound Yorkiepoo, Audrey Hepburn Thornton. Audrey has an English accent. My nephew calls me “Auntie M”, which I adore.  I used to dream of being a movie star (sometimes I am still sure it will happen). I write. I have learned to tell my not-so-glorious moments as a story because that is what they are and they are a part of me. If I stay displeased with those things, I would be locking out a part of myself that is important. Part of my truth. My why. My everything.

I love to paint. I plant flowers and herbs. I love to drive.  I connect with my soul and light when I am close to water.  I have a fascination with the moon. I love fearlessly and intensely. I love photography. Art.  I love the sun, the surf, the sand.

So now, let’s get to know each other a little better. We can even do that for free. You can sign up for a 30 minute consultation and I will give you my undivided attention and love. Always love. That’s why we are all here anyway, right? So it’s important to keep our bodies, minds and spirits prepared for all the goodness coming our way.

Join me beautiful, and let’s change your story and get you on the path to RADIANT beauty:


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