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Go Ahead and Let Some Light In

Go Ahead and Let Some Light In

Why is so hard to see the good around us so often, especially during the holidays?

I mean there is more than usual ridiculous traffic, the over-crowded stores – every single day. The impatient driver’s (guilty) because we just need to go get some damn dog food and all of the overachieving Christmas shoppers must show me that I am, once again, two steps behind. So, I find myself bitching all the way to yoga class. Perfect. You have even ruined and possibly made me late to that too. Thanks, world. Way to work with me.

Or maybe, I am not saying for absolute sure- of course, I may be looking at things from thewrong side of the fence. A change in perspective and letting some of that light in may be a little (or A LOT) better and a hell of a lot easier. I do this all year long, so I am guilty (totally) but I am really making my best effort to be happier and therefore free from the unbearable, ridiculous things and people that get in my way. And no, “they” are not all ridiculous. I overcommit so I find myself in the midst of overwhelm often and wonder what the hell is going on and why am I being punished?? The real kicker is (I talk to one of my favorite people in the world about this very thing, often) almost if not everything going on around me is “stuff” I have created and have brought on myself. That can be another hard bit to swallow sometimes but narrows the hunt for the perpetrator.

What I do know for a fact is that when I implement some tools, some simple lessons I have learned a thousand times over, into my daily routine and allow myself to see the good things and the beauty in all of it, I have better days. I can leave a little bit early for class because I know traffic is heavier than usual during the holidays. It is also heavier if I am taking a class at 5:30pm because are driving to and from work and that is hardly a ridiculous reason to be out the road when I have a yoga class to get to…on time. Now that we are back from the Thanksgiving holiday and school has started, instead of getting up “on time” I get up an hour or at least forty five minutes early. I spend some of that time sitting quietly with my hands at heart center and ask what I can do to be a better person today. How can I help my daughter today? Ask for the help to keep my mouth shut when I want to snap at someone. I breathe in deeply and think about how grateful and blessed I am to be able to get my beautiful daughter up for school and make breakfast for her and how lucky I am be so close to her. And I ask for guidance and a reminder that’s it “okay” when I forget because I surely will.

Sun salutations are great too. Especially when I feel sluggish. A little hot tea and yoga first thing is a good way to get my body, mind and spirit connected. I feel that gives me a little insurance later in the day when I find myself overwhelmed, frazzled and stuck at the ‘punishment light’ again. I use this app, Viber, where you can leave thirty second messages for your contacts. I love to see how many of those I can leave for my peer coach while sitting at that light, all the while bitching about being late and being stuck at this damn light because yes, I left two minutes earlier than other days and am feeling pretty good about it. That light is a little longer than two minutes. My peer coach has stopped listening to my messages in front of her young children.

But they aren’t all that way and even simple things like the messages I leave for people are a little different when I take some time in the morning for myself.

Another option to make good use of getting up early is making fresh juice to drink throughout the day. I always feel better when I drink fresh juice. And that usually means, everything around me is better, when I feel better. And it’s great brain food for my daughter before school and after at the time of day when we are both usually in that sluggish part of our days.

Perception makes such a big difference and I think a great deal of us have trouble with the way we perceive what is around us. When there is always light around somewhere. Hopefully, we have someone to call upon to help us find it when we cannot. Either way, look for the good in the people, places and “things” around you.

I promise you they are there.

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