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Get Your Brave On – Part Two

Get Your Brave On Part Two Enjoying a working vacation with my daughter

Get Your Brave On Part Two

First of all, let me please apologize for the tardiness of this piece! I am on a working vacation with my teenage daughter and it is so much fun but it is a lot of work. I am reminded I am not eighteen anymore. But I am also reminded and then reaffirmed that I still want to look and feel as close to eighteen as possible but much wiser. That is one thing I tell myself when I am deciding whether or not I am going to go for a run or make my barre class: I do not want to look or feel any older than I am or than I want to feel. And if you know me well at all, you know that I don’t really dig the idea of aging – the physical part of it. And if you don’t, I just told you. I don’t care for it.  So, I remind myself to find the courage I need to do whatever I need to do to make sure I take the best possible care of myself. Day in and day out. It’s not a once a week/month/year thing. It’s everyday, every hour, every breath. We make a decision to live by design or by default.

I want you to live by design. I want to live by design. I catch myself in “default” mode all the time – but at least I see it. Being aware of it is huge. That’s where I am reigning in the Get Your Brave On Series this week. It takes real courage and bravery to own the parts of your life that aren’t working for you. It took me the very last ounce of courage I had left at the time when I realized my life was in a total downward spiral and it was spiraling so much faster than I actually realized at the time. Meaning every single fiber of my life was a disaster in some way or another. Coming out of all of it alive was actually a true blessing. And a gift.

It takes a lot of us getting to the bottom before we can start climbing to the pinnacle of the lives we want for ourselves. I am one of those people. 

I was in the maybe the best relationship of my life at the very worst time. We did everything together so unfortunately we fueled each other’s bad habits too. Which made all that love turn to dust like the future that I set upon it. (Well, not all the love. I will get to that another day) And things got worse from there. A sick relationship (between two awesome people), bad habits, no job, no real money to speak of, belongings scattered across states and a heavy, heavy heart and conscience. 

It was time to pack up and move on with the shred of dignity and energy I had left in me. And so I did. And it took a lot of courage to pick up those pieces and make a life for myself and my child but I did that too. A healthy one. 

Now fast forward ten years and I will tell you that both parties in that relationship are alive and well. (My spirit animal isn’t writing this for me!:) And I feel it is and should be my goal and duty as a woman and as a survivor to help other people. 

I have three amazing coaching programs that I offer as well as tips and links for essential oil use (an amazing way to take good self care), this awesome new blog (yay!), recipes, juicy goodness for you and all the support you need to make the changes in your life that you have really wanted to make but, eh, things get in the way. I understand. So gather all that bravery and courage to do something new for yourself. Today. Something healthy. Something brave. You know change takes a ton of courage and bravery, right?

You can email me at I love hearing from you. Grab the “Balance and Glow Manifesto” I made for you on And: Get Your Brave On.

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